​​Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club


The Environmental Committee hosts events to educate members about the importance of protecting and conserving natural resources. Members sponsor programs on these topics, organize and staff the Education Booth at Art in Bloom, and organize tours and activities to support a wildlife and nature friendly environment.

Garden Club committees


The science and art of cultivating gardens and landscapes is the focus of the Horticulture Committee.  Members organize events and activities to support the importance of bio-diversity.  They also organize the activities of the Rose Buddies who care for the rose garden on the Art Museum grounds.


This committee promotes  a greater appreciation, pride, and knowledge of private and public gardens.  They organize programs and outings related to the art of landscape design including a focus on historical gardens.


Garden club members participating on the Tours Committee research and plan both driving and bus tours for members.  Many of the tours are to gardens and exhibits that are not open to the public.  Recent tours include private gardens, public displays and state and county parks.


Art in Bloom is one of the premier events hosted by the Milwaukee Art Museum. Floral Designers from the area interpret art pieces by creating original floral designs that are judged by a panel of floral experts.  

Garden club members volunteer in a number of capacities at the Art in Bloom event including organizing a silent auction as a fundraiser for garden club projects, hosting both a membership booth and an education booth to promote knowledge of conservation and garden practices that protect and enhance the natural environment.


Members of the Photography Committee share an interest in photography and are charged with recording events and garden club activities through photos.  They also host educational events to help members become more knowledgeable about photography techniques.

The Garden Club has a number of standing committees.  Members are invited to volunteer for one or more committees depending on their interests. Please see the annual yearbook for names of committee chairs and contact them for more information.


​Members of the Floral Design Committee organize educational workshops for members and create floral arrangements for club meetings as well as the Art in Bloom booths. Members do not need to be experienced designers.