In Addition, the club pursues educational interests in gardening, landscape design, flower arranging and environmental concerns. 

This year our theme, "Planting Seeds of Knowledge," connects with the National Garden Club president's theme of "Plant America".  As gardeners, there are so many subjects that impact our daily lives like climate change, clean water issues, and the survival of pollinators.  We all have a love of gardening and make choices that will impact future generations.  Sharing ideas and achieving mutual goals will truly cement the future of our garden club.

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We are currently 170 members strong.

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The Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club was established in 1921 by

Dudley Crafts Watson, Director of the Art Institute, when he held a meeting of Art Institute members who were interested in gardening.  By 1928 we were one of hundreds of garden clubs that had cropped up across the nation.  They joined forces to become a network of garden clubs within and across state lines and formed National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Our club (MAMGC) was part of that movement. 

Today, the Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club endeavors to support the Milwaukee Art Museum with specific Projects and acquisitions. 

Recent donations include sponsorship for the  "Jaime Hayon" exhibit and restoring 3 original oil paintings. 

​​Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club


As a member of The Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club you are part of a long, rich history of conservation, education and community service.

Mission Statement: The Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the mission of the Milwaukee Art Museum with projects and acquisitions. MAMGC promotes education, environmental awareness, and community service, as well as the enjoyment of gardening, landscape design, horticulture, and flower arranging. 

The MAMGC is a charter member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc., Central Region, Wisconsin Garden Club Federation, Inc., and Milwaukee District Garden Clubs.