Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club

Art In Bloom

The 10th annual Art In Bloom was held March 23-26, 2017. More information can be found here or at:

Welcome to My Garden

This summer, garden club members will be given the opportunity to build on their relationships with other members by visiting the gardens of their homes.

Calatrava Rose Garden

The Milwaukee Art Museum and Garden Club are recipients of a gift from Will Radler, world-famous Knock Out Rose creator. Sadler selected a special rose to be dedicated to the Garden Club and the Milwaukee Art Museum in celebration of the Club's 90th Anniversary and the 10th Anniversary of the Calatrava Addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Last year, we set out to improve the soil in the rose gardens, but we ended up installing a new irrigation system with sensors that could detect when roses and the museum grounds needed water. This improvement is estimated to save over 600 thousand gallons of water and 3.5 thousand dollars annually.

Ames Tools Project

In August 2015, an application to receive tools form the National Garden Club's joint venture with Ames Tools to provide tools to garden clubs working on significant garden projects was processed. The request was approved and the tools have arrived!

Plant Sale at Art in Bloom

We will be selling plants this year at Art In Bloom that will attract pollinators, particularly butterflies. Proceeds from sales will be used to work on completing the original design of the Calatrava Rose Garden. 

Let's Hop to it and Help "The Frightened Frog"

In conjunction with the National Garden Club President's Special Project, Service in Action, we have developed a project to present children and child educators within and beyond the Metropolitan Milwaukee area with information about the importance of listening to the messages sent by our bio indicators and the need to protect them and their habitats.

Leadership and Membership Development Initiative

In 2016, the Milwaukee Art Museum Garden Club turned 95 years old. Our early members were part of the initial development of the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation and the National Garden Club organization. Continuing our legacy will depend on our ability to get members involved and help them feel connected to our group.

The National Pollinator Garden Challenge

The Garden Club is part of the National Pollinator Garden Network, a group of national and regional, conservation and gardening organizations working to support the President's Executive Strategy to "Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators."

Silent Auction - Fundraiser

There will be a silent auction during Art in Bloom with items donated by vendors participating in the Market Place. Funds will be used for special projects.

Saving Pollinators and Amphibians - New!

Our goal is to educate the public about the need to provide safe habitats for our bioindicators, especially bees, butterflies, and amphibians.

Habitat for Humanity Plant Project - New!

We will "Reach Out - Join Hands" with the Milwaukee District Garden Clubs (MDGC) by working with and supporting this project. For the past 15 years, MDGC has been working with Habitat for Humanity to provide plants, small shrubs, trees, garden tools, and gardening information to Habitat for Humanity homeowners in Milwaukee.

Container Gardening Workshop - New!
The MAM Garden Club will add a new dimension by providing planters, dirt, pollinator-attracting plants and volunteers to teach Habitat for Humanity homeowners how to plant a container garden.

Meet the Frightened Frog - New!

An adjunct to our on-going project regarding the frog, this new project aims to expand our opportunities to increase sales of the book. We hope to place the book in more schools and increase the number of field trips that can be offered. 

Tips for the Gardener - New!

Tried and useful tips on gardening successfully in Wisconsin will be covered in a new publication created by our members. The booklet will reflect knowledge of our members and local gardening authorities. Copies will be available for sale to our members and the general public at Art in Bloom.

Creating Gardens for Butterflies and Pollinators - New!

In recognition of the great need for protecting and providing habitat for pollinators, we will creat a garden on the grounds of the MAM Research Center in the Judge Jason Downer House, in Milwaukeee. The building was recently made available for us. Four planters as well as a site on the grounds will be set aside for these gardens.

Calatrava Rose Garden Improvements - New!

Maintaining the rose garden is an ongoing project and the micro climate near Lake Michigan makes it necessary for us to continually modify our efforts to upgrade the soil and water climates.